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The poor state of education in Liberia is a result of two civil wars over 20 years. Today, most students do not achieve more than a 6th grade education. Our outreach project focuses directly on helping to support the Michael Petty Institute (MPI) a small school in Massaquoi, Liberia. The Clowvazar Academy is making a long term commitment to the students at Michael Petty Institute.


Student Lead:

Today’s world is connected as never before both socially and in business. We believe students who have experience in purposeful global engagement are at an advantage for success after graduation. Our students will have the opportunity to develop skills in civil and global engagement, economic and logistic concerns, and critical thinking beyond the classroom.


Student Lessons on Outreach:

Clowvazar students in Grades 4 and 5 learned the importance of outreach by creating posters that explain the issues facing students in Liberia. They then took these posters and placed them throughout the school to inform other students in how they can get involved!


Donation Drive: 22-March-2016 to 22-April-2016

The Clowvazar Academy will be accepting donations from 22-March-2016 to 22-April-2016. Items to be donated include those listed on our Amazon account here.

Short-Term Goals:

• Yearly, student-lead donation drives to provide students with necessary supplies.  (See left)

• Start kindergarten and 1st graders with curriculum based on modern standards and recommended practices.


Long-Term Goals:

•  Provide MPI with electricity.

•  Provide MPI with means to construct proper classrooms.

•  Provide students at MPI monetary compensation so they do not have to compete with life demands to go to school.  

•  Provide sustained funding for all teachers.



Other Ways To Help:

FIRST: Check out our Amazon list of needed items Here


• Item donations may be donated in person and dropped off at the school.

• Items may be purchased via Clowvazar’s Amazon account wish list “Liberia”, shipped directly to the school (Click Here)

• Tax Deductible Donations toward shipping, providing classroom tables, and other class needs may be dropped off with Austin Clow. For tax deductible status please make checks payable to Liberian Education Project with memo note “Clowvazar Project”.

• Adopt a teacher – Teachers at Massiquoi make $75 per month. If you are interested in sustained support of one of these teachers (also tax deductible) checks can be made to Liberian Education Project with the memo note “Massiquoi Teachers”

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